Yard Pictures 2022

Last King Tide of 2022

More Snow Arrives

Christmas Arrives

Like we need snow eh!

Last days before snow??

There is colour in the front yard today!

There are blossoms indoors too.

Fall is still here

Fall is really here

The start of fall cleanup.

Clean up the parking space in the front yard

A foggy October Morning

Fall Flowers

It may be officially fall, but nobody told the flowers.

Our summer plantings are starting into the fall shutdown mode.

BoBo Moves to new home!

Meet BoBo a Panicle (lace) Hydrangea!

Our one surviving Dahlia!

Some not lilies!

Lily Season

Grassy stuff

More Lilies and other stuff


Roses, lilies, and more!

Peonies, lilies, and more!

Lily season is starting too!

It's starting to be rose season!

The flowers keep on coming!

More new things in our yard.

What's new this week?

Weekly flowers

Ever shovel cherry blossoms?

Cherry blossoms have taken over the yard

Time to start killing tomatoes

Spring again? Still? ReDuc!

Spring again? Still?

Who said it could snow here in April?!!

The last of the sidewalk rebuild.
This job started the summer we moved in 2013, with a set of stairs on 'the hill' made with 12x24 pavers. And is completing with this section in the front yard tomorrow!

April Flowers

Disgusting Development(s)

Spring flowers on a rainy day

Summer plant starts

Sunday lunch at the beach.

OK So we went out to buy some crimini mushrooms for supper, and bumped into the local Herring fishery.
This only happens for a couple of days each year, and there is not much to see, but every so often the herring attract "J Pod". Sadly just not at this time!

So winter left again....

Winter came back....

Signs of tomato's, chives, lettuce

Signs of Spring?

We got a new Deep Dish Pizza pan for Christmas and just had to try it out

2022 Amaryllis bulbs are starting to bloom.

More of the wet stuff


More of the deep stuff


And what do you do on New Years Day?


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