Christmas Decorations
December 18th

Click image for enlargement.
Later than usual - but the tree is finally up!
This skinny artificial tree was purchased our first year in Courtenay. It only holds about half of the decorations meant for big fir trees.

Here's how it looks without the flash.


And here it is again, with the flash turned on so you can see more of the things that aren't so shiny.

There are two decorations from Sheila's childhood, and a handful from our first tree in 1967.

The Christmas village comes to the fireplace mantel each year. It has grown, with a fire hall added this year.

Christmas trees made by Allan in 2015.


The kitchen plants get decorations hand made by friends and family members. Some are quite old too.

Looking at them from a different angle.

Christmas Mouse was a present from Heather in 1991. She comes out every year to let the cats know who is bigger.

This was taken several days later and is the total of incoming Christmas cards (both mail and printed email).

This year we mailed 40 cards, one less than the email list that were sent. First time for this to have happened.
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