2023 Amaryllis Crop
January 25th to ...

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The latest blossom is an Exotic Star.

Yes, you've seen one of these before as there are two plants. The other was our very first in bloom in January about the time this one was potted.

This is NOT the same plant that you saw below. This one is five years old - we thought the new one would be a darker colour!

This one is just as prolific - it has four buds on this stem and another coming soon.
The red and white is a little smaller. It looks like this one is the last surviving bulb of this colour.

The Picotee - pictured below way back on Feb 13 - still has one last blossom. It's been blooming continuously for three weeks.
The first blossom of the bulbs potted in January. This is our only "double" and one of the oldest bulbs. It has been blooming reliably for 15 years!

The plant shown below now has eight blossoms open on its two stems!

This deep pink is a new purchase - as though we didn't have enough! It will have four blossoms on this stem and has a second stem coming.

All of the amaryllises so far were potted the same day in mid December. The next batch, potted in January, will be blooming soon.

After all those pastel and white ones, now we have an intense red - it's darker that it appears here. This one was a gift from friend Shelley Combs last year. It will have four large blossoms.

The Picotee amaryllis, purchased last year, is starting to bloom. There are two stems so there will be lots of blossoms before it is done.

Two of the plants below. Multiple blossoms on one stem make a bouquet!

There are actually two plants with these big white blossoms starting to bloom. All of them will have multiple blossoms on one stem.

Yes, that's a Zygo cactus peeking out below the amaryllis.

This large pink and white is an offspring of one of my first plants. It helped get me sucked into this collection!


The first of the amaryllises potted in December has started to bloom. This is an Exotic Stripe.

All but one of the bulbs potted in December have buds. Six more were potted last week to keep the blossoms coming.

Amaryllis bulbs removed from their pots and stored in our cold room last September were replanted December 10th

This is about a third of Sheila's bulbs!

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