Shadow taking on a new persona - as a table lamp

Shadow has decided that Allan's lap is a good place to be and that he should "help" with reading his iPad.

Shadow being annoyed that Sheila is ignoring him.

Hi Mom - look at me! Why are you taking pictures of "her"?

Shadow in one of his favourite locations on a table between the window and Sheila's chair. He can then access either location with ease.
(August 24, 2016)

Helping" Sheila by attacking a truant bungee cord.
(Aug 20, 2016)
Towels mailed by Laura meet his approval.
(June 2, 2016)

Bird watching is a favourite activity!
(Feb 6, 2016)
After lunch sleep time! By the patio door under the azalea.

(Jan 17, 2015)

(Jan 1, 2015)
The LED light is pretty good too.
After a few days he is bold enough to chase a feather on a stick.

(Jan 1, 2015)

On December 27, 2014 We were adopted by a new(ish) kitten (here-in called Shadow). He is a twice rescued cat about 1 year old.
(Dec 31, 2014)
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