Back Patio remake Part 2
October 5th to 13th.

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The planter shown here will move out a foot to put it out where it gets more sunshine and to make more room inside for the bird bath and summer house plants.


Digging out the space for the planter has begun.

The box was pried up, and moved out into the new location leaving a pile of planter dirt behind.


This is how it looks from the other side.

After shovelling the dirt back into the box, replanting the chives than were in it, and a lot of sweeping up.

The next step is to put some cement blocks on the ground inside the planter.


As well, the fuchsia pots that sat outside the planter have been moved to the inside at both ends.

Now it's in line with the edge of the deck and should get more sun in the summer.

Excavation done and ready for the blocks to go in.

Blocks are now down. I think the gap along the planter will get filled with pea gravel for drainage, and the one along the existing slab will get filled in the spring after the setting has occurred.

Everything in place, accept the pea gravel. Think it is done till spring, to allow everything to settle in place.

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