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The last of this season's amaryllises. But there are now lots of flowers outside.

This large white one joined the pink just a couple of days later. They bring joy in uncertain times.

Just a few left to bloom. This large single was one of our first amaryllises. Pictures of it start in 2005.

This is a miniature amaryllis - full size is about 2.5 inches across. But what it lacks in size it makes up for with intensity. It will have four blossoms too.

The fourth and fifth plants to bloom. The pink one is about 8 inches across, the red one about 5 inches. They are just starting to bloom - see fat buds peeking out behind the blossoms. Each will have four blossoms in a couple of days.

There are more to come, as a third set of bulbs was recently potted.

The first one to bloom is the largest, and the only one that is fully double. I don't know the variety name, but I've been taking pictures of this plant since 2003 - maybe before as that was when we got our first digital camera.


The next to bloom a week later is Exotic Star. This one is relatively new - purchased in 2015 - so we've been enjoying it for only five years. It's not as large as the double.

A couple of days later it was joined by "Barbados" - a new one purchased before Christmas.


All six blossoms now open.


The pictures don't begin to show the intensity of the dark red in this blossom. It's now about 8 inches across. There are two blossom open and four more buds on the second stem on this plant!

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