2020 Apple Crop
September 14th

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This is one apple short of the whole crop for this year. We sampled 1 couple of weeks ago for ripeness.
3 Fuji's, 2 Mac's, 1 Gravenstein, 10 Honeycrisp

This is the Gravenstein tree (AKA the Kitty Litter Tree). It is being dwarfed by tying limbs down with bags of sand.


Two of the three espaliate trees. The center one is the Honeycrisp, and the left side is a Fuji, right side is a Spartan. The Fuji and Spartan are there to pollinate the Honeycrisp. The Fuji should flower earlier than the Honeycrisp and the Spartan later. Hopefully one of the two will overlap with the Honeycrisp.

Hard to see, but this is a 20 year old man-made Macintosh apple tree. It is hard to see in the Pieris tree. Man-made because it is a water sprout grafted on to an M3 dwarf root. It is all of 6 feet tall and has had 2 or 3 to 15 apples each year.

Can you find the two apples which had not yet been picked?

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