Meyer Lemon Tree
March 28th

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Nearly a year ago we showed this picture of our Meyer lemon tree with three lemons. It took a long time for them to ripen, and I wasn't sure when they should be picked. Someone said to wait until they felt soft, so the green one on the upper right wasn't picked until September. There were no new blossoms all summer while it still had lemons.


After picking the last lemon it was brought indoors for the winter - and promptly burst into bloom. Much as I tried to make like a bee with a small brush, no new lemons were set.

But the last lemon - picked so late that there was almost no juice, turned out to have seeds inside that had little green sprouts. So I put several of them in these two little pots and two of them survived!!


Four months later they are now about six inches tall! We'll see if they continue to grow.

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