New Deep Dish Pizza
January 22nd

Click image for enlargement.

This is the new pan.
8+ inches across and 1.5 deep.
It's a new way of making Pizza for us.
This is also new for us.
Anchovies have never been high on our list of edible foods!
The sauce! At the start.
Need reduced to paste.
Starts off with a 28oz can of pealed, whole Roma tomatoes

Turns out this may have been a little to pasty, but looked good at the time.

Crust is much like our normal mix except it has 1/4 cup of corn meal added.

Instructions say layer of cheese (Mozzarella and Asiago). Layer of meat (in this case hot chipotle sausage). Layer of sauce. Layer of more cheese (Jack and Provolone)

Oven ready! 450o convection.
20 minutes and done.

Cutting "in" the pan turns out to be tricky! Got to find away to get it out on a cutting board.

THATS IT! Very good, but
Needs more sauce.
I used about half of what was shown above, and should have used all of it.
Make it really hard to work with.
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