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We took our bird feeder down for a while - having put it back there are birds hanging around again.


We have a pair of Stellar's Jays who drop by once or twice a week, but seldom sit still long enough for a photo. They have a hard time getting into the seed tray. This one stayed put when Allan went outside!


Young lady came for a short visit, but was unhappy the suet feeder was empty.


Well we haven't seen one of these guys for a while.


A new humming bird feeder, a birthday present from Steve, Heather and Alex, went in to service replacing the Nyjer feeder just out side the patio door. It has turned out to be a favorite of both the humans and the hummers. Mr. Red Chin (and friend) has been a regular time sharing (as only humming birds can) with the pair of resident Anna's.

Ok so this is not a picture of our static bird but rather about the shadow in the back ground. We have a Nyjer feeder that is set up once colder weather sets in. The Pine Siskins like the fine seed. This year it was hung in a new location closer to the house, and this morning, after two days of high wind, the siskins found it. At about 8:30am the sun cast it's shadow on the new screen on the new sliding door. This really should have been a movie so you could see the goings on.

Needless to say the goings on attracted the 'bird TV' crew! Just to the left of center in the top of the picture is the focal point of desire! A siskin cleaning up the dropped seed on the deck!


Shortly after the flicker (below) we also had a Downy Woodpecker stop by.


A Red Shafted Flicker came to visit. We usually see them on the suet block, but this one stayed in the seed feeder for several minutes.


This is our resident Anna's humming bird (the guy two pictures down from here). What is new is that he is feeding on blossoms of Sheila's potted lemon tree. The tree still has 2 lemons attached from last years crop!
Just below the branch below him to the right you can see one of the lemons.


This pair have been around for a few days, but this is the first time they and the camera have been together. Maybe with a little practice we will get a good picture. I think they are Golden Finches.


This little guy sat on the feeder and let us walk up to 3 feet from him. I think he was very cold (it was around -4oC), and there would be warm air coming out of the lamp shade that keeps the food from freezing over night. Every couple of minutes he would lean in and take a sip. He stayed till around 10:00am by which time the outdoor temp was up to around zero.


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